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Quiche Recipe | Sugariness Corn - Kidney Beans - Cheese - Egg

QUICHE Recipe | Sweet Corn - Kidney Beans - Cheese - Egg

Pastry crust:
250g apparently flour
1/2 tsp salt
150g mutual frigidity unsalted butter, cubed.
i egg yolk
3-1/2 tbsp really mutual frigidity water

three eggs
Salt & pepper
1/2 loving cup canned kidney beans
1/2 loving cup sweetness corn
Salami/bacon/ham/cooked chicken, etc.
Green onion
200ml milk + ii tbsp cornstarch
(or role 200ml of double cream or kokosnoot cream)
Shredded cheese

Parchment paper/foil together with weight for blind bake the crust.

Baking time: 25 minutes for the pastry crust (shell) together with xxx minutes for the quiche.
Baking temperature: 190°C
Pan role inward the video: removable tart pan 22 cm inward diameter together with three cm height.
This recipe plenty for a larger pan.

Pastry crust:
  •  We powerfulness role a nutrient processor for easier working.
  • In a mixing bowl: mix flour together with salt, add together mutual frigidity butter together with mix into crumbs. Add egg yolk together with mutual frigidity water. Mix together with assemble into a disc together with roll amongst plastic.
  • Refrigerated for xxx minutes or longer.
  • Between plastic, scroll out the dough into sparse wider than the pan/dish yous are using.
  • Use a rolling pivot to elevator the sparse crust together with house on the tart pan, laid upwards the sides. Trim the excess crust.
  • Blind bake for fifteen minutes at 190°C preheated oven. Remove the weight together with proceed baking for ten minutes.
  • Whisk three eggs amongst tabular array salt & pepper. Add inward the sweetcorn, kidney beans, salami, light-green onions.
  • In split upwards bowl, add together 200ml milk + ii tbsp cornstarch (or role 200ml double cream/coconut cream). Mix well.
  • Pour the milk into egg mixture, stir well.
  • Pour/spoon the filling into the crust, add together the cheese.
Bake for xxx minutes at 190°C preheated oven. An oven may vary.
Golden dark-brown together with odour together with hence good!
Let the quiche plough warm inward the pan earlier removing.